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Be the ‘Host with the Most’ thanks to SkyCourt

Be the ‘Host with the Most’ thanks to SkyCourt

Is it your turn to host the dinner party?

Has 5pm on Friday arrived and the dread and fear of cooking for guests is setting in?

Pop into Skycourt Shannon Town on your way home and get everything you need to pull off a quick and delicious meal that will score you some serious chef points!

Begin your dinner party with a tasty starter, requiring little preparation and no washing up. Our suggestion is prosciutto wrapped asparagus.

Visit the Fruit and Veg Market to pick up the asparagus, before popping into Lidl for the prosciutto. With very little preparation time and less mess, this is simple yet effective.

Moving on to the main event, why not take your guests on an Italian adventure?

Whip up some chorizo, spinach and sundried tomato pasta and keep your guests smiling.

Even better, you can get almost all of the necessary ingredients from Dunnes Stores Ireland.

Pick up fresh pasta, sundried tomatoes and spicy chorizo from Dunnes, and head over to Lidl Ireland for cream and parmesan to finish off the dish.

Cook your chorizo, spinach and sundried tomatoes in a pan, adding chilli flakes and salt and pepper for flavouring. In a separate pot, add enough pasta for the number of guests into boiling, salted water.

This dish will have you back entertaining your guests in no time.

For the finale, give yourself a break and pick up a luxurious Raspberry and Pistachio layered pavlova from Iceland. Simply remove from the packaging and plate up.

Bon Appetite!